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Nuform Music is an independent record label founded in 2005 by music producer Simone Mencarelli, primary as an output for his music releases.
During 10 years of activity, Nuform music has signed other artists to increase its catalogue and music genres.
For more information on artists and releases, we suggest to check our profiles at Facebook , YoutubeGoogle+Twitter.
At today the label is focusing on Ambient, Chill-out, Electronica, Lounge and Downtempo music.
Our music is distributed worldwide thru traditional retailers such as Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, EMusic and niches stores, reaching a total of 300 and more retailers.
Nuform Music offers also studio facilities for local artists and bands, professional audio mastering ( Analogue and Digital), and custom music on demand, for video games, video, slideshow, presentation and more.

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